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The Dynamics of Political Rhetoric and Political Representation
American Journal of Political Science publishes “How to Analyze Political Attention with Minimal Assumptions and Costs” (Quinn, Monroe, Colaresi, Crespin, Radev). [Read]

National Science Foundation funds “Opposition, Rhetoric, and Democratic-Styled Institutions in the Middle East and North Africa” (Monroe, Lust, Masoud, Colaresi, Quinn). [Read]

Political Analysis publishes “Fightin' Words: Lexical Feature Selection and Evaluation for Identifying the Content of Political Conflict” (Monroe, Colaresi, Quinn). [Read]

The project website,, will be live with data, software, replication archives, and other project information in the next few days. Contact Burt Monroe, burtmonroe [at] psu [dot] edu, in order to be contacted when site is available. (Updated Jan 12, 2010.)
Funding provided by: National Science Foundation